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SGG is pleased to announce the acquisition of LuxGlobal Trust Services in Luxembourg and a global partnership with Zimmer & Partners SA
SGG’s Group Management Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Fabrice Buchheit as the firm's new Depositary Services Leader in Luxembourg.
Quelle Stratégie adopter dans le choix d'une solution fintech et quelle approche collaborative pour les intégrer?
SGG's Group Management Board is delighted to announce that Laurent Ernens joined the firm as Human Resources Leader Luxembourg & France.
SGG Group is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed today, 1st June 2017, the acquisition of Cim Global Business, a leading Mauritian-based corporate, trust and fund administrator...
SGG is proud to have participated in ING's Night Marathon 2017 on Saturday 28th May. 
SGG’s Group Management Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Justin Partington as Group Fund Solutions Leader. 
Stephan Schilken, Head of Delivery - AIFM of SGG Fund Management S.A. in Luxembourg, gives his thoughts on the implications of Brexit for UK Fund Managers marketing their products to EU investors...
SGG’s Group Management board members are pleased to announce the hire of Cécile Methlin as Luxembourg Finance Director as of 15th March 2017.
SGG Group is pleased to announce the acquisition of Cim Global Business in Mauritius.



SGG is looking forward to participating in the 71st congress of the International Fiscal Association's (IFA), taking place in Rio de Janeiro from 27th ...


SGG is proud to be the Gold sponsor of PaperJam Business Club's CEO-Only Summer Cocktail, taking place in Luxembourg on 6th July 2017.


SGG is delighted to be participating in FactSet's upcoming wealth breakfast briefing, taking place in Luxembourg on Thursday 29th June 2017.


SGG is delighted to be participating in Bloomberg's upcoming Annual Family Office Symposium, taking place on Thursday 29th June 2017.


SGG Luxembourg will participate in the 2017 edition of the ING Night Marathon on Saturday 27th May 2017.


SGG will be present at the upcoming ALFI London Cocktail and Conference, taking place on 22nd – 23rd May 2017.


SGG is pleased to be a supporter of the Swiss PE Conference, taking place in Zurich on Thursday 18th May 2017.


SGG will be a contributor at the Luxembourg for Finance (LFF) conference in Stockholm on Tuesday 16th May 2017.


​SGG is pleased to be attending the ALFI Roadshow to New York, taking place on Friday 12th May 2017.


SGG is pleased to be participating in the Iberian Private Equity conference, taking place in Madrid on 11th May 2017.


April 2017

Download pdf External link How can UK managers keep marketing their funds to EU investors despite Brexit?
25/04/2017 - Funds Europe - Interview with Stephan Schilken

March 2017

External link Vers plus de transparence pour la place financière
06/03/2017 - Paperjam: Interview with Serge Krancenblum
External link La gouvernance familiale: éléments-clés de la transmission
06/03/2017 - Paperjam: Dossier Digitaux - Interview with Pascal Rapallino

February 2017

Download pdf The value of knowing your client
09/02/2017 - Private Debt Investor Fund Admin Guide - Interview with Renaud Oury and Anja Grenner

November 2016

Download pdf The Reserved Alternative Investment Fund: Luxembourg’s next ace in the hole
10/11/2016 - Luxembourg-American Chamber of Commerce Business Journal - Interview with Jean-Marie Bettinger & Anja Grenner
External link SGG se consolide en France via Equitis
03/11/2016 - - Interview with Serge Krancenblum
External link Poussée de croissance pour SGG
03/11/2016 - Paperjam - Interview with Serge Krancenblum, Jean-Marie Bettinger, Renaud Oury & Pascal Rapallino

August 2016

External link SGG Luxembourg’s next ace in the hole
31/08/2016 - Paperjam - Interview with Jean-Marie Bettinger and Anja Grenner

July 2016

Download pdf External link L'Exigence de L'Excellence
14/07/2016 - Andy a Luxembourg #20 - Interview with Jean-Marie Bettinger

May 2016

Download pdf The Astorg effect
16/05/2016 - Magazine Duke 06 - Interview with Stephane Haot
External link Basquiat, fédérateur d'énergie
03/05/2016 - Paperjam - Interview with Serge Krancenblum

March 2016

External link «Nous sommes un 'people’s business'»
23/03/2016 - - March 2016 - Interview with Serge Krancenblum

February 2016

Download pdf Le Luxembourg continue d’attirer les capitaux
22/02/2016 - Juliette & Victor n° 53 - Interview with Francis Parisis (French)

October 2015

External link La Force d'un Groupe
23/10/2015 - Paperjam 2 - November 2015 - Interview with Christiaan Van Houtven (French)
Download pdf SGG Depositary Services S.A. established in Luxembourg
14/10/2015 - Paperjam October 2015 - Press Release (English)
External link SGG Group: Spécialiste des services financiers implanté dans plus de 20 pays
02/10/2015 - Inowai - Luxembourg Real Estate Magazine No.4 - Interview with Serge Krancenblum (French)
Download pdf External link SGG: One of the most experienced alternative funds services team
02/10/2015 - Paperjam 2 - September/October 2015 - Interview with Stephane Haot (English)

September 2015

Download pdf Cobepa cède le contrôle de SGG à Astorg-Partners, associé à l’équipe de direction
10/09/2015 - Joint Press Release - SGG & Astorg Partners (French)
Download pdf Cobepa sells SGG to Astorg-Partners and management
10/09/2015 - Joint Press Release - SGG & Astorg Partners (English)

June 2015

Download pdf La Force d'un Groupe
25/06/2015 - Andy Luxembourg Magazine #18 (French)
Download pdf The Luxembourg Patrimonial Foundation: what's new in Luxembourg?
11/06/2015 - Trusts & Trustees, Vol. 21, No. 6, July 2015 - Article by Christoph Kossmann (English)

May 2015

Download pdf Reach Further
13/05/2015 - Paperjam 2 - March 2015 - Advertorial by Olgert Gorani (English)
Download pdf MIPIM 2015 Impressions
13/05/2015 - Paperjam 2 - May 2015 - Interview with Daniel Essoo & Christoph Kossmann (English)

January 2015

Download pdf SGG: Pour les générations futures
11/01/2015 - Andy à Luxembourg #17 - Interview with Serge Krancenblum (French)
Download pdf LFF Special Brazil Magazine | November 2014 - Family Offices
11/01/2015 - Luxembourg for Finance