Private Clients

Preserve, manage and grow

We have extensive experience in servicing private clients, families and their family offices. Our support allows you to preserve, manage and grow your wealth in an efficient manner.

The needs of private clients and families are changing rapidly in line with the need for secure asset protection and transmission solutions in an ever more complex global environment. Our long tradition of servicing private clients and families, buttressed by our independence enables SGG to provide expert solutions and constant monitoring to ensure they remain relevant to the current generation and suitable to enable efficient transmission of assets to the next.

Our broad network enables us to meet your requirements with the aid of expert local and international knowledge. We work closely with law firms, private bankers and other advisers on all related wealth management matters to shape solutions tailored to your needs. We analyze your needs and objectives, and implement solutions that meet them, as well as providing ongoing and long-term management and administration of your private legal vehicles.

Our teams share professional skills and dedication to provide you, our clients, with personal support and administrative help. By sharing your concerns, understanding your needs and adapting to your expectations, we develop solutions that meet your needs both now and in the future.

Our teams build relationships for the long haul with our private and family clients on trust and confidence. This has made us the preferred provider of family office support solutions for the last 50 years.