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Recent blog posts

  • LatAm fund industry: the benefits of outsourcing

    The Latin American investor market is evolving. Looking at markets from Miami to São Paulo, advisers, wealth managers, fund selectors and institutional investors are all witnessing the same change: Latin American investors are opening up to new investment opportunities and approaches as regional GDP continues to rise.


  • Blockchain and Private Equity: a marriage made in heaven?

    Blockchain is the “buzzword” of 2018 but does it have any real use and purpose in relation to private equity? Blockchain is growing in popularity across multiple industries with new applications emerging, but in reality what are the potential benefits for private equity managers in embracing this new technology?


  • Luxembourg strengthens its regulatory regime as it prepares for Brexit

    Luxembourg is well established as the second largest funds domicile globally, after the US, with a record number of assets under management (AUM) of over EUR 4 trillion. As we edge closer to the Brexit deadline of 30 March 2019 with still a lot of uncertainty for the funds market, Luxembourg’s regulatory body Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF) has been ahead of the curve in demonstrating that the country is open for business and bolstering its regulatory regime to further enhance its position on the global stage.


Our blog articles

Robo-advisors, the new wave in FinTech

Yvar de Zwaan, Senior Business Development Manager, SGG Netherlands.

FinTech has ushered in a wave of disruption in financial services, and robo-advisors have now become a reality in wealth management.


PRIVATE EQUITY: A panacea for financing African Infrastructure?

PRIVATE EQUITY: A panacea for financing African Infrastructure?

By Justin Partington, Group Fund Solutions Leader, SGG Group

What contribution can Private Equity make to the financing of infrastructure in Africa?


Fund managers can be a positive force for sustainability

By Renaud Oury, Group Sales and Marketing Director, SGG Group

The European Commission has proposed making ESG part of a fund manager’s fiduciary duty. Renaud Oury, deputy managing director and market leader of SGG, details the recommendations.


RAIF: bringing speed and flexibility to the Luxembourg funds toolkit

By Renaud Oury, Group Sales and Marketing Director, SGG Group

While Luxembourg is small in size, the Grand Duchy punches well above its weight when it comes to domiciling global funds.


Amsterdam: Europe’s Silicon Valley for Fintech


By Luc Hollman, Managing Director SGG Netherlands

Amsterdam is often dubbed as Europe’s Silicon Valley of Fintech, for good reasons. With a strong financial sector and a fast-growing ICT ecosystem, Amsterdam offers a winning combination and a high rate of adoption of new technologies which makes it the perfect breeding ground for FinTech companies.



Articles of interest

Cryptocurrencies: how do we strike the right balance?

Andreas Slabber, Client Manager, SGG Netherlands.

There is a great buzz around cryptocurrencies currently, and wide speculation about how these will revolutionise payment and banking systems of the future.


The revamped EuVECA Regulation – changes and perspectives

By Renaud Graas, Avocat à la Cour.

The purpose of this note is to highlight the changes brought by Regulation 2017/1991 to the EuVECA Regulation and try to put those changes (and the EuVECA Regulation generally) into perspective.



Mauritius ranked 1st among Sub Saharan countries in the Doing Business 2018 report

Mauritius was ranked 1st among the Sub Saharan countries and 25th overall in the Doing Business Report 2018 published by the World Bank.