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Recent blog posts

  • Brexit questions to Habiba Boughaba, Group General Counsel

    Brexit has left UK asset managers worrying about the distribution of their funds into the EU. Will it be a complete apocalypse on the 29 March or are there solutions available to alternative asset managers?

    In the case of a “No-Deal” Brexit, there will be a number of solutions available to alternative asset managers, and the latest communication from European and national regulators has confirmed that the impact of a “No-Deal” Brexit would be mitigated for UK asset managers.


  • UK Private equity: building momentum during Brexit uncertainty

    By J.P. Harrop, Group Head of Sales, SGG

    The UK private equity industry has just emerged from a remarkably successful year. But these triumphs are being put at risk by the UK’s current Brexit uncertainties. Up until now, the UK private equity (PE) sector – like much of the economy – has been in a state of ‘phoney war’ since the referendum; much of this due to the seemingly endless political trials and tribulations unleashed since June 2016.


  • Asian Frontier Markets: A discussion with GPs and LPs on their potential and risks

    Where do we stand when it comes to exploring frontier markets in Asia, and what will it take for commercial LPs to feel more comfortable with them? Furthermore, how far up the risk scale should investors go in the chase for returns – are some markets simply a frontier too far?


Our blog articles

INSIDE VIEW: Singapore - the new home for global funds?

Singapore - SGG Blog

by Udit Gambhir, managing director for Asia for SGG Group

With a new fund structure designed to appeal to alternative asset managers, Singapore is laying the foundations of a prosperous domestic industry, says Udit Gambhir of SGG Group.


Luxembourg introduces new rules on immigration to attract foreign capital

By Pascal Rapallino, Group Private Clients Solutions Leader, SGG Luxembourg

Luxembourg, as a leading European financial centre, has a long history of attracting foreign workers. A new law on immigration has been introduced in 2017, which aims to strengthen the
economy through bringing in foreign capital and improving the mobility of both workers and investors.


Amendments to the Regulatory Regime for Venture Capital Managers

Singapore - SGG Blog

By Amit DHUME and Bill JAMIESON, Partners at Colin Ng & Partners LLP

As part of the government’s drive to attract more Venture Capital Managers (“VC Manager(s)”) and venture capital funding into Singapore and to stimulate the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation, and more specifically the startup scene in Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”) has simplified and shortened the authorisation process for VC Managers.


Africa to become the next private equity hotspot

Africa to become the next private equity hotspot

by Graham Sheward, Managing Director, SGG Mauritius

Africa has the potential to become the next private equity hotspot. Looking at the energy infrastructure sector, 600 million Africans are not connected to the electricity supply and public investment alone will not be sufficient to fund this requirement.


The growing importance of private funds in family wealth planning and structuring

by Bas Horsten, Managing Director/Market Leader Caribbean & Latin America SGG Group.

At SGG, we have witnessed over the past few years that increasingly family offices are behaving more like fund managers, and prefer to set up a private fund structure instead of opting for the traditional trust or foundation.



Articles of interest

Cryptocurrencies: how do we strike the right balance?

Andreas Slabber, Client Manager, SGG Netherlands.

There is a great buzz around cryptocurrencies currently, and wide speculation about how these will revolutionise payment and banking systems of the future.


The revamped EuVECA Regulation – changes and perspectives

By Renaud Graas, Avocat à la Cour.

The purpose of this note is to highlight the changes brought by Regulation 2017/1991 to the EuVECA Regulation and try to put those changes (and the EuVECA Regulation generally) into perspective.



Mauritius ranked 1st among Sub Saharan countries in the Doing Business 2018 report

Mauritius was ranked 1st among the Sub Saharan countries and 25th overall in the Doing Business Report 2018 published by the World Bank.