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Business Center & Payroll Services

A 360-degree solution to support your business at an effective cost

Full-service office rental solutions
  • Flexible sizes
  • Short-term lease
  • Dedicated IT support, fixed phone and fax
Payroll services
  • Payroll administration including split payroll
  • Mandatory payroll declarations to the relevant social security administration
  • Mandatory declarations to the relevant tax office (withholding tax and earning certificates)
Staff resourcing
  • Directorships
  • Implementation of a quasi-CFO function for monitoring local financial operations
  • Part-time to full-time employee dedicated to each specific Luxembourg entity
  • Re-hiring dedicated employee if entity is liquidated
  • Secretarial services
  • Relocation assistance
Quality control
  • Complete supervision by SGG senior staff of each dedicated employee
  • Monitoring of dedicated employees workflow
  • Management of the deliverables of each dedicated employee, including quality review of the statutory financial statements, tax returns, etc.