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Corporate Administration Services

We support all of your Corporate Administration needs

Incorporation support
  • Assistance on best type of structure for your needs
  • Verification of suggested name
  • Production of articles of incorporation
  • Assistance in obtaining business or professional authorization and tax registration
  • Coordination with other service providers, such as banks, legal advisers and notaries
Domiciliation and office solutions
  • Registered domiciliation agent
  • Delivery of a registered address
  • Full-service office rental solutions
  • Complete payroll services
  • Dedicated staff support
  • Organization of board and shareholders meetings
  • Drafting of the minutes of official meetings
  • Maintenance of registers of shareholders and/or bondholders
  • Protection and archiving of corporate documents and records as required by law
  • Servicing for liquidation and re-domiciliation
Corporate secretarial, administrative management and regulatory compliance
  • Execution of formal registration with local authorities
  • Assistance with other functions as per corporate governance criteria
  • Supply of company secretary services
  • Assistance with qualified staff recruitment and training
  • Efficient management of correspondence and communications
  • Maintenance of accurate accounts and records available for inspection at any time
  • Provision of directorships
Trade support services
  • Liaison with suppliers
  • Invoicing
  • Handling payments, letters of credits, etc.
  • Managing relationships with banks
Employee benefits
  • Employee benefit facilitator and administrator
  • Data and process control
  • Identification and transactions
  • Process finalizing and reporting
  • Secure web-based application for online instructions, verification, notification obligation and financial settlement
Shareholder registers
  • Management of company shareholder registers
  • Regular updates
  • Communication and reporting

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Proxy voting
  • Largest Proxy voting provider in the Netherlands
  • Management of the notice of meeting
  • Verification of registration certificates and collection of voting instructions
  • Monitoring of electronic voting
  • Communication on confirmation of the votes cast to shareholders
  • Assume liquidator role or ¬†provide assistance to appointed liquidator
  • Connect with independent 3rd parties in charge of tax and legal matters
  • Keep company accounts, liquidation accounts as well as periodical reports
  • Manage daily operations as well as 3rd party relationships
  • Provide specific secretarial services in relation to liquidation
  • Complete liquidation