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Depositary, Custody & Securitization Services

We support investment funds and corporate clients
with seasoned professionals and advanced systems and workflow :

Alternative assets depositary
  • AIFMD full and simplified regime depositary
  • Assets safekeeping
  • Cash monitoring
  • General oversight
Custody - investment giro services
  • Execution of buy and sell orders on various stock exchanges

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  • Issuer services
  • Security trustee
  • Originator
Claims administration
  • Recognized prime class action administrator in the Netherlands
  • Creation of a dedicated website, or call center, for a class action
  • Preparation and regular update of Q&A
  • Management of all correspondence
  • Processing, storing and archiving all forms and correspondence
  • Assessment of claims
  • Payment services
  • Reporting to company and third-parties
  • Act as trustee
  • Review of prospectus and trust deed
  • Ensure the issuer complies with reporting obligations of the trust deed
  • Act on behalf of the note holders when events of default occur
  • Call for note holders meetings
  • Act as managing director of a foundation of note holders
  • Provide domiciliation for a foundation of note holders
  • Keep various registers
  • Maintain a register of note holders
  • Calculate and pay out interest amounts
  • Provide annual statements
  • Preparation of trustee reports