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"Capital for Purpose" conference

“Capital for Purpose” was a conference hosted by The St. Gallen Symposium, the world’s leading initiative for intergenerational debates on economic, political, and social developments, at the Chamber of Commerce in Luxembourg on Thursday 7th February 2019.

The conference focused on how capital has been at the centre of our economic and political system for centuries. Beside the three great panellists who were present (namely Viviane Reding, Former European Commissioner, Nasir Zubair, CEO of the LHoFT and Professor Rolf Tarrach from the European University Association), Serge Krancenblum, Group Executive Chairman at SGG Group, had the honour to debate on the potential expansion of the purpose of capital, including the challenges it is currently facing, such as short vs long-termism, the influence of tech giants in politics and society and trade protectionism.

Serge developed his view both as an active financial investor and philanthropist. Moreover, it is one of the purposes of SGG to help global investors focus on investing and preserving capital in a sustainable and compliant manner.