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SGG Crossroads, Luxembourg

SGG will be hosting an exclusive event on June 26 2018 in Luxembourg on the theme ‘Can the finance industry contribute to a better society?

A number of players of the financial industry have integrated the concept of CSI and ESG in their business model to ensure a sustainable environment for the future generations.

Improving bottom line by ensuring sustainability, creating value and creating a positive impact on the community is the only way of doing business.

The objective of this conference is to bring together international asset managers and their advisors to exchange on how the industry can create a better society.

We are honoured to have an impressive list of speakers including:

  • Sir Bob Geldof: Member of the Africa Progress Panel, which advocates for equitable and sustainable development in Africa, and adviser to ONE CAMPAIGN.
  • Gina Miller: Business woman and transparency activist working in the fields of democracy, investment management and the charity sector. She is also the founder of SCM Direct, an award winning, innovative online wealth manager offering actively managed investment. Gina was the successful claimant against the UK Government in respect of Article 50 and Brexit. The case is the most important UK constitutional case for 400 years. Her investment campaigning has seen her draft and contribute to three EU Directives: MIFID II, PRIIPS and Shareholder Rights Directive. Gina also champions conscious capitalism and the principle of a triple bottom line.
  • Serge Krancenblum: CEO of the SGG Group and Chairman of the Investment Facilitation Forum, promoting the investment hubs facilitating investments in emerging countries, will chair the conference.
  • Roger Hartmann: Member of the supervisory boards of Sqope SA, the leading AML reputation firm, and of Label R, the unique global ESG certification for funds investing in sensitive zones. As Chairman of the Private banking group at ICMA, Roger has been at the forefront of the fight for tax compliance.

  • Nev Hyman: Award-winning entrepreneur who is the Founder of NevHouse sustainable social enterprise which uses recycled plastic and other eco-friendly materials to create low costhomes, schools and medical clinics.

For more information on SGG Crossroads, please contact

Sherizia Razzaque
Group Marketing & Communication Leader
T +230 213 8917
M +230 5258 6364