January 2019

SGG EVENT: Into the Netherlands
Funds Europe was media partner to an event in Amsterdam by investor services firm SGG Group to discuss the funds business environment in the Netherlands. SGG, the fund administration business, hosted a further thought-leadership event in Amsterdam recently. The Netherlands and its environment for fund firms was the key focus. The event brought together a range of industry specialists to look at issues affecting the industry.
SGG dans ses objectifs
2018 se boucle sur un rythme soutenu pour SGG, avec une concrétisation de la stratégie visant à bâtir un acteur global. Le groupe est désormais le quatrième acteur mondial. Les États-Unis font partie des marchés prometteurs.

December 2018

How to prepare for a no-deal Brexit
Private equity firms will desperately be hoping that a no-deal Brexit never materialises, but as time to ratify an agreement runs out GPs need to take steps to protect their interests irrespective of the outcome. Reals Deals gathered a panel of experts in a recent webinar to outline what GPs can do in the worst-case scenario. Here are some of the highlights.
Q&A: Justin Partington, group fund solutions leader at SGG
SGG Group’s Justin Partington explains how technology is transforming the way private equity firms interact with their LPs and why fund administrators who fail to embrace this change risk becoming redundant.

November 2018

Impact investment can make a difference in Africa
28/11/2018 - HedgeNews Africa
One of the most common complaints heard from the private equity community in Africa centres on the relative lack of availability of quality investment targets capable of delivering the returns expected by their limited partners (LPs), the underlying investors in their funds to whom they have a fiduciary duty to provide an expected rate of return on the capital deployed, notes Charles Buchanan, managing director of fund services for Africa at SGG Group.
FAST Growing Journey
22/11/2018 - Africa Global Funds Interview with Graham Sheward
SGG Group offers administrative and accounting solutions for investment funds, multinational corporations and family offices across more than 20 countries. Last year, the firm acquired Cim Global Business in Mauritius, which was rebranded as SGG. Graham Sheward, Managing Director, SGG Mauritius, tells AGF about some of the projects in Africa.
"Innovative solutions for private clients"
06/11/2018 - PaperJam News - Pascal Rapallino
At SGG, it is in our DNA to innovate and adapt. We strive to be proactive in developing new solutions for our private clients – for entrepreneurs, high-net-worth families and their family offices – across a range of service segments. SGG acts as a trusted partner, providing high-quality personalised investor services to help its clients make investments in a compliant manner.
« Des solutions innovantes pour la clientèle privée »
06/11/2018 - PaperJam News - Pascal Rapallino
Chez SGG, innover et s’adapter fait partie de notre ADN. Nous nous efforçons d’être proactifs dans le développement de nouvelles solutions pour nos clients privés - pour les entrepreneurs, les familles fortunées et leurs Family Offices – avec un large éventail de types de services.

September 2018

The real challenge lies in cultural fit
25/09/2018 - PaperJam Club - Serge Krancenblum
As one of the speakers at the 10x6 ‘Entrepreneurship : les défis de la transmission’ conference, Serge Krancenblum talks to Paperjam Club about his vision of entrepreneurship: from transferring ownership to taking over a company.
Equity Bridge Financing: Reaping the benefits of liquidity and flexibility
25/09/2018 - Performance Magazine - Alexandrine Armstrong-Cerfontaine & Justin Partington
In the sophisticated world of private equity, what is the role of equity bridge financing, and how can it improve returns to investors? Despite some recent claims that such financing can be regarded as a “trick”, in reality there is a great deal to commend equity bridge financing as a key tool for investors to smooth the process of private equity investing to the benefit of both investors and the market as a whole.
« Services to asset managers are now the biggest growth driver. »
17/09/2018 - AGEFI Interview with Christian Heinen.
Christian Heinen, Managing Director, SGG Luxembourg, talks to AGEFI about SGG's position in Luxembourg upon his return after six years spent in Hong Kong and China.

August 2018

Mauritius as an Investment Hub for Africa
13/08/2018 - Into Africa-Graham Sheward
What role can Mauritius play as an investment hub for Africa, at a time where the continent continues to face financing gaps when it comes to the future development of its infrastructure? Energy projects are currently consuming around 60% of African infrastructure investment, and there continues to be significant demand for public and private investment to address the water supply, sanitation and ICT amongst others.

July 2018

INTERVIEW: Meeting the standard
31/07/2018 - Funds Europe - Justin Partington
Nicholas Pratt talks to Justin Partington of specialist administrator SGG about global expansion, private equity standardisation and the threat of disruption.
SGG EVENT: A wealth of options
Funds Global Asia was media partner to an event held in Hong Kong by investor services firm SGG Group to discuss investor options in Asia.

June 2018

A visit to the Big Apple
13/06/2018 - Funds Europe - Justin Partington (SGG Group), Alexandrine Armstrong-Cerfontaine (Goodwin Procter) and Paul Winters (Denham Capital)
SGG Group, a fund administration firm, hosted a seminar in partnership with Funds Europe to brief american asset managers and advisers on the business and regulatory outlook for the EU.
Specialist administrator directory: Impact studies
What impact do you anticipate Brexit will have on your business? SGG has operations in a number of European jurisdictions such as Luxembourg, Amsterdam and France, which are becoming good domicile options for a number of funds, asset management companies and banks relocating from the U.K., as well as for several major insurers from the United States.

May 2018

Compliance for good
04/05/2018 - Investment Europe - Renaud Oury

April 2018

SGG Crossroads : Finance and sustainability
19/04/2018 - Duke - Renaud Oury
Renaud Oury (SGG Crossroads): finance and sustainability SGG Group in collaboration with Baker McKenzie, Carne, Deloitte and ING are organising a one-of-a-kind conference in Luxembourg on 26 June 2018 at ING Lux House. Prestigious speakers, such as Sir Bob Geldof, Gina Miller and Nev Hyman will answer the question: ‘Can the finance industry contribute to a better society?’. Interview with Renaud Oury. Why did you create SGG Crossroads?
Edouard Eloy, Director at Equitis, a member of SGG Group asks what the future for fund domiciliation in France holds
12/04/2018 - Real Deals - Edouard Eloy
The funds industry in France has a long history and a successful track record, but what does the future hold in light of a number of changes on the horizon, and can these be harnessed to reinforce the position of France as a domicile for funds?

March 2018

Gouvernance: les clés d’une transmission réussie
27/03/2018 - paperjam - Pascal Rapallino
Avant de pouvoir appréhender avec justesse la gouvernance la plus adaptée selon le modèle de transmission défini, il est important de rappeler la spécificité de l’entreprise familiale: elle combine entreprise et famille, qui sont deux univers qui ont chacun des attentes, des objectifs, une vie et des croyances qui leur sont propres. Ce qui signifie que le rôle fondamental du conseiller est de parvenir à découvrir les enjeux véritables au sein de l’entreprise et de la famille.
Key figures in the Luxembourg fund industry speak to Funds Europe about topics such as cross-border distribution, the delegation of fund management and the potential impact of brexit.
22/03/2018 - Funds Europe - Fabrice Buchheit
EU collective investment vehicles are currently regulated under the Ucits and AIFM Directives and, as at June 2017, the European Commission has estimated that funds marketed cross-border represented about €5.4 trillion (of a total of €13.38 trillion in Europe).

February 2018

PRIVATE EQUITY: A panacea for financing African Infrastructure?
22/02/2018 - Africa Global Funds
What contribution can Private Equity make to the financing of infrastructure in Africa? The issue was brought into sharp focus at the recent SuperReturn Africa Conference in Cape Town, South Africa, which brought together a number of experts to consider the current challenges and potential solutions. 

October 2017

Brexit: ESMA signals tougher stance on UK asset manager relocation to the EU
10/10/2017 - Paul Van den Abeele, Partner at Clifford Chance
On 13 July 2017, ESMA published three opinions setting out sector-specific principles aimed at supporting supervisory convergence in the context of requests from UK financial institutions seeking to relocate to the EU27.
Navigation support in an ocean of constraints and uncertainties
04/10/2017 - Family Office Magazine - Interview with Pascal Rapallino
More and more wealthy families are losing con dence to sail in an ocean of regulatory changes and uncertainties for their investments.

September 2017

«Les familles veulent protéger leur vie privée»
25/09/2017 - Paperjam - Interview with Serge Krancenblum and Pascal Rapallino
Le chapitre Benelux de l’association Step qui regroupe les prestataires de services aux familles fortunées organise une conférence ces lundi et mardi au Luxembourg. Coup d’œil sur les enjeux de ce secteur d’activité avec le group CEO et le group private client solutions leader de SGG, Serge Krancenblum et Pascal Rapallino. Ils sont tous deux membres de Step Benelux.